Adult Classes

18+ years

We at ACPA believe that dance should be for absolutely everyone.

That’s why, we offer a range of classes specifically for adults. No matter your experience, you can join us for some great fun, while keeping fit and active.

Our supportive classroom environment combined with our professional teachers, allows you to develop in dance while having the best time!


Dance Fit

Dance Fit

Our Dance Fit dance classes combine 70's, 80's and 90's music with hot dance steps and inspiring rhythms

Mums and Dads! Are you looking for a fun way to stay fit in and energetic and encouraging atmosphere?

Then this is the class for you! At the Australian Company of Performing Arts, we offer classes for adults who can learn dance in a fitness focussed environment keeping your heart rate going for the whole duration of the lesson.

Our Dance Fit dance classes combine 70s, 80s, and 90s music with hot dance steps and inspiring rhythms that will keep you on your feet for the FULL HOUR!

During our Dance Fit Program, you’ll learn basic dance moves in a fitness inspired environment to meet your desired goals.

Int and Adv Heels

Int and Adv Heels


Our Heels classes draw on Hip Hop, Pop, Burlesque and Commercial dance in an inspiring and uplifting environment. This class gives you the confidence and power to take over the dance floor.

During this class, students will learn the basics of Female empowerment on stage including strutting techniques, performance training and a diverse range of routines including chair dancing and so much more.

It’s the ultimate Girl Power class where students will develop their self belief and overall presence on stage as a professional performer.

Open Jazz

Open Jazz

Our Jazz Technique classes are a great way to develop a strong foundation in technique

Our Jazz Technique classes are a great way to develop a strong foundation in technique.

Students will work towards various turn, leap, jump and pirouette combinations, with a focus on stretch, strength and conditioning components.

Our Advanced Jazz class exposes students to the Professional Dance Industry providing them the opportunity to work in an open-minded space with Industry Teaching Staff. During this class students will experience a combination of Commercial, Broadway and Music Theatre Jazz styles.

Int/Adv Commercial

Int/Adv Commercial

For students wishing to extend and develop their training…our Industry class will best prepare you for the professional industry!

Taught by industry relevant teachers, this class has been designed for students who have had experience in dance.

Drawing on commercial styles such as Hip Hop and Jazz Funk, the training is focussed on high level choreography.

This class explores routines that would be performed as a back-up dancer, on tour with an artist or in concept videos.

Open to dancers from all over SA, this is a great class to further your training while in Adelaide.